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Monolithic work

04 мая 2018

Monolithic work

Monolithic work is one of the most progressive methods in construction today. With the help of monolithic technologies it is possible to build technically complex objects without any restrictions in form and size. And with monolithic construction, costs are significantly reduced, and the quality of the construction remains the same.

The company JSC STROYTECHNOLOGY has been working in the field of construction since 1992. The most productive methods and technologies of architecture are mastered, one of which is monolithic construction. Of the reinforced concrete buildings of the most complicated structures and forms are erected. Using complex formwork, we can erect a building of almost any architecture.

What can we build:

▪ residential and industrial buildings on a reinforced concrete frame;

▪ bases for machines and mechanisms;

▪ columns and ceilings;

▪ swimming pools, reservoirs;

▪ Monolithic foundations;

▪ piled foundations;

▪ retaining walls.

For all questions, please contact:

☎Tel./Fax: (351) 218-1995;

☎Alexander Lobanov: +7 912 310 52 95

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