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Labor protection

Occupational safety is the key to safe work!

1. The presence of any employee is carried out strictly with a protective helmet, high-visibility vest and PPE of the established sample.
2. Labor safety is carried out in accordance with Russian legislation.
3. Persons who have reached the age of 18, who have passed an introductory briefing and have successfully completed qualification training in the profession, are allowed to perform work at the construction site.
4. Providing employees with special clothing, special footwear and other protective equipment certified according to international standards.
5. Protection of the territory of the construction site in the form of protective fences, markings and safety signs, as well as illumination of the territory in the dark.
6. Reducing the risk of injury through the use of professional equipment and devices.
7. Timely and continuous training, advanced training of employees by profession.
8. Regular audits of compliance with safety requirements in the performance of work at the construction site by the labor protection service.
9. Compensation for hard work and work with harmful or dangerous working conditions.

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Положение по ОТ АО Стройтехнология 2020
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