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Civil works

Civil works

Our company presents full complex of general construсtion works in industrial and civil engineering, raising objects from the ground up and also reconstruction of the existing.

General construction works consist of project, geodetic and preparatory works to investigate customized problems.

General construction works includes:

  • earthworks
  • foundation ( girder, socket­type, post, piled etc.)
  • brick­, block­ and stonewalling
  • rigging up of the structural items
  • finishing works

We have a large and up-to-date pool of privately-owned specialized vehicles 

  • Power rake
  • Blastrac
  • Screed
  • Allen
  • Allen

This work realized by one hand is also called general contract. Ordering of general construction works in one company you can get maximum advantages of the suitable and beneficial cooperation.

Successfully implemented project work

All the necessary info you can get on:                           

  • Tel.fax (351) 218-1995;
  • or +7-912-310-52-95 
  • or +7-912-310-52-96 

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