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Quality of work

Work Quality Control

The quality of construction is a complex of works that includes compliance with the requirements of building codes and state standards by all participants in the construction process: designers, customers and contractors, which is the key to the durability and operational reliability of erected buildings and structures, their environmental cleanliness, safety for people!

Quality control of construction and installation works is carried out in order to ensure compliance of the work performed and the materials used, products and structures with the requirements of the project and current regulatory documents, which is achieved by solving the following tasks:
- timely identification, elimination and prevention of defects, defects and violations of the rules of work, as well as the causes of their occurrence;
- determination of compliance of quality indicators of building materials and construction and installation works performed with the established requirements;
- improving the quality of construction and installation work, reducing unproductive costs for remaking marriage;
- improvement of production and technological discipline, responsibility of employees for ensuring the quality of SMR.

Regulation on the quality of work of JSC "Stroytechnologiya"
Regulation on the quality of work of JSC "Stroytechnologiya"
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