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The opening of the shopping center "Almaz"

05 ноября 2015

The opening of the shopping center "Almaz"

The Ural Federal District are not many companies that can quickly and accurately perform pouring concrete floors, and an organization that can cover such a large amount of space in the shopping center "diamond" - the only one in Chelyabinsk. This company "Stroytehnologiya." Such a conclusion was the investor of the project LLC "Spring" and the general contractor JSC "Enigyun" entrusting experts of the company "Stroytehnologiya" responsible task - to create a perfectly smooth, durable, wear-resistant floors.

          The main problem of the device coatings car parks are poorly leveled concrete surface, the lack of high-quality waterproofing, dust generation. Another important factor is resistance to corrosion. Company "Stroytehnologiya" excluded all potential problems by following the device of concrete floor in the parking area of ​​80 000 square meters (including the installation of drainage troughs, kerbstones, expansion joints), pouring a concrete floor on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors in the amount of 15, 000 square meters, a retaining wall (V = 219 cubic meters). The works were carried out using a laser paver CoperHead XP 3.0 as soon as possible. To keep within the 3 months, had to overcome various obstacles, for example, to work in conditions of sudden frosts and rain. Some sections of the concrete floor were filled at low temperatures using a heat gun. Despite the circumstances, the team CJSC "Stroytehnologiya" stay within the given schedule.

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