Главная Company News The installation of the roof of the warehouse from 299 r/m2

The installation of the roof of the warehouse from 299 r/m2

09 мая 2015

The installation of the roof of the warehouse from 299 r/m2

CJSC "Stroytehnologia" is the official dealer of PVC membranes Norwegian brands Protan (Protan) in Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Ural Federal District

Repairs and installation of new PVC roof Membrane, order services Manager by phone +7 912 310 52 95 Alexander. The cost of the work from 299r per meter.

CJSC "Stroytehnologia" makes the installation and maintenance of flat and pitched roofs with roll deposited materials, PVC membranes, sprayed materials, sheeting, metal roofing, shingles, Euro-slate, asbestos cement slate.

They are used for waterproofing roofs, foundations. Modern roofing PVC membrane perfectly protects buildings from the effects of the external environment, at the same time, membrane roof is easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive. Roofing PVC membrane offers all the advantages of membranes: high permeability and flexibility. To increase the strength of the material at the puncture, roofing membrane reinforced with polyester net. In addition, the material can be easily installed even on a rough basis, due to the reliability of the weld PVC roof and high strain capacity. If you compare PVC roof with popular roofs of bituminous materials,the physico-chemical parameters of the membrane of the roof, of course, win. Membrane roofing is resistant to all types of radiation and thermal aging, also PVC roofing is resistant to wind loads and is not afraid of oxidation. PVC membrane has the properties to be extended three times. Therefore, even for very large temperature changes or shifting of the buildings, it will retain all its qualities. Roofing membrane and has a higher fire resistance (G2 or G3; RP1 or IS2).

CJSC "Stroytehnologia has great experience and knowledge required for working with roofing membranes different manufacturers. The most famous of them – ALCORPLAN (Belgium), FIRESTONE, Protan (Norway), Sika-Trocal (Germany-Switzerland). Our specialists will help You not only to install PVC membrane, but also to analyze or modernization project documentation.

Buy PVC-Protan membrane (Protan) in Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg You can contact our specialists by phone +7 912 310 52 95

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