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The fill polymer floor from 399 r/m2

09 мая 2015

The fill polymer floor from 399 r/m2

Since 2009 we are an authorized manufacturer of works with application of polymeric materials for thin-layer, monolithic and highly filled coatings Director of Azov factory floor, MULTIPLANE, POLYPLAST, polyurethane sealants Permaflex production ZAO HUNTSMAN-NMG"

Polymer flooring from CJSC "Stroytehnologia" it's wide variety of color shades.

The fill polymer floor from 399 p / m2 . Manager Alexander +7 912 310 52 95.

Polymer flooring

Polymer floors are used to protect the top layer of the concrete slab floor from abrasion, chemical and other adverse effects, wide application of polymer coating received in the areas of healthcare, food and cosmetic industry, sport facilities, Parking ramps complexes. Properly selected color polymer floor has a strong impact on the production process. Color polymer floor coatings used to separate work areas from areas of traffic and is used for the direction indicators.

When the device polymer floor coatings our experts using materials from leading European manufacturers: Huntsman-NMG (huntsman-NMG), Sika (Zeke), RPM. The use of modern polymer materials provides a flawless appearance of Your floor, long lifespan, antistatic, hygienic and easy to clean.

Industrial polymer flooring

Requirements for the base polymer floor

The floor polymeric coating is applied to a concrete slab not less than 300 marks in strength with relative humidity no more than 5%. To determine the moisture content of the base use moisture meters. Substrate preparation begins with blasting plate. Thus, removing the weaker of the upper layer (concrete "milk") and the creation of a uniform rough surface to increase adhesion of the concrete slab with a polymer coating (adhesion). Also, before applying the polymer coating, the surface of the floor should be thoroughly vacuumed.

Preparing the mix for polymer floor coatings

Each component for the preparation of polymer floor is well mixed with a slow speed electric mixer to obtain a homogeneous state.

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