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Indicative building

10 мая 2015

Indicative building

Factory of meat a major agricultural brand "Ariant" grown in the open field just two years. The project is Russia's largest food company has developed a unique foreign companies. On the implementation of literally international design works of leading foreign experts on a par with the best Russian professionals. The construction of a shock, a sign not only for the region but for the whole country took part and employees' Stroytehnologiya. " It is to them from the beginning Failed to set a record pace of work.

Cooperation "Agrofirma Ariant" and CJSC "Stroytehnologiya" in the construction of a meat processing plant started in 2012. Then the company fulfilled laying floors in logistics terminals, building concrete driveway and turning area. Despite the difficulties encountered in the work, the staff managed to resolve all issues and to show their strengths, so that later the bulk of construction and installation work the customer has entrusted to CJSC "Stroytehnologiya"

Factory of meat is a whole complex of buildings: administrative, production and logistics corps. The infrastructure - storage, water treatment plants, own gas substation, workshop for repair, washing. It is a industrial city, which appeared in paragraph. Fedorivka in the short term. The company "Stroytehnologiya" participated in the construction of almost each of these objects. Its employees were engaged in the base unit ballast, concrete and polymeric floors, installation of equipment Navi, finishing works in the ABA in the industrial building; laying the foundations mounting frame of the building, walling, concrete and polymeric floors and roof in the Energy Center; the construction of the internal site water supply system includes a water treatment plants, pumping stations and other areas. Note that all works mostly preceded by design and engineering survey specialists.

The scale for the company were the same record as the construction period. The total volume of constructed facilities - 18 thousand square meters, the road - 22 sq. M. m., improvement - 26 thousand sq.m. Work was carried out under the direct supervision of the Director of Peter I Lobanov. His personal qualities, charisma, hard work and participation in the production process in the production of energy given to all participants of the construction works.

Customer staged tasks that had to be done in the shortest possible time. For example, the day the task was for the following night was born a design decision, the next morning, everyone agrees, and immediately people and equipment to start performance. The work does not stop for a minute, including in difficult extreme weather conditions. At certain moments of production, so as not to break out of schedule, at a construction site working around the clock to two hundred specialists "Stroytehnologiya"!

Experts recognize that enterprises with technological level as the factory of meat in Russia today is not. Know-how have been used in almost all stages of the construction of the complex. The floors at the site were carried out by the German companies with completion of documentation of "Stroytehnologiya." They are monolithic concrete foundation with a waterproofing coating and finishing poliuretantsementnym Ucrete concern BASF. For Urals region is the first rich experience of such material, while in Europe and the world it is common practice. This coating is a high strength, thermal and chemical durability.

For the quality of the floor device the company's specialists were trained in Moscow and Belgorod. In the present site technical supervision company BASF, to perform non-standard units to involve experts from the UK.

Nonstandard came specialists of "Stroytehnologiya" and the device of intra driveways - comply with them, following the example of race tracks, made of reinforced concrete with a special notch paved road is not afraid of the vagaries of the weather and the Urals large loads.

The object was built literally the whole world, so the specialists of "Stroytehnologiya" had to overcome the language barrier. There are specialists from different European countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and the UK.

Factory of meat - a modern building with the latest technology, with foreign companies, so "Stroytehnologii" is an important stage in history.

The object was unique because of its scale and involving all divisions of the company: design department, civil, industrial flooring, roofing and installation work, as well as to attract trusted partners subcontractors carry out their work under our beginning. All this has allowed the company deserves to stand as a trusted strategic partner "Agrofirma" Ariant "

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