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The plant for processing biowaste

06 ноября 2015

The plant for processing biowaste

On the high-tech plant builders had to perform all design and construction and installation work: to build everything that today is an object. Processing plant of biological waste - is not just a shop, but a whole complex of buildings. Besides its own production and administrative building on its site the company's specialists built infrastructure: the area under the degasser, sewage pumping stations, the second rise from storage tanks and dezbarer for cars. The largest range of tasks has been solved with the design and installation of industrial building.

   During construction were used as a time-tested and innovative technologies. For example, in the construction of industrial building systems were used industrial polymer coatings manufactured by BASF. In areas of acceptance and processing of waste laid industrial flooring brand UCRETE, which have excellent resistance to chemical environments, high impact strength and temperature. These materials ensure the protection of fundamental structures from aggressive substances to ensure hygiene and ease of cleaning, will take into account the security requirements for staff and while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the premises.

     By the choice of floor coverings, the company approached thoroughly, taking into account the technological features of each space. For example, in server rooms and elektropomescheniyah applied antistatic coating UCRETE MF AS, which practically reduced to zero unwanted static electricity. In the boiler room - epoxy flooring Mastertop 1278 to protect the floors from the effects of fluids in the ongoing work of the enterprise and emergency situations.

    In this tech plant not only floors need special protection: in areas of intense production process all vertical w / w surface protected by a vapor-permeable material based on epoxy resins Mastertop 1700 that make the wall insensitive to moisture and industrial fluids.

     Innovative developments have been introduced in the performance of the company and internal waterproofing tanks household and drinking water. There builders used PVC membrane from the German manufacturer Elbtal. It is welded by means of hot-air blowers, whereby a completely homogeneous seam that completely eliminates leakage. The uniqueness of the material is. that it has been certified for use in contact with drinking water and is completely safe.

    This project was indicative of professionals in every sense. Only the correct planning, thinking ahead and being aware of his actions, we can come to the desired result. The enterprises of this kind, the plant "Ariant" in Russia is not so much. Its construction is crucial for environmental and animal health safety of the Chelyabinsk region. Our company is proud to have participated in this project.

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