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The construction of "turnkey"

10 февраля 2016

The construction of "turnkey"

In the autumn of 2015 the company " Stroytehnologiya " beginning of works on reconstruction of a warehouse №1, taking into account the association with a warehouse №2 and railroad warehouse , located on the territory of the land uchaska at Chelyabinsk, Kurchatov district, st . Production , 8b .

Construction of "turnkey" carried out in several stages:

  • preparatory stage, including a complex of works on preparation of the construction site, conducting geodetic studies (soil samples, search for groundwater), the detailed design of the facility (decisions not only appearance, but inner space), choice of materials, construction cost estimates.
  • construction and installation works (excavation, preparation of foundation, insulation works, construction of walls, floors, roof organization, training of door and window openings, and engaging in conduct work of electric systems, water and heat supply, sanitation, communications);
  • carrying out finishing works ( finishing the interior and exterior surfaces ) ;
  • carrying out design work - at this stage of the Customer carried arts - the aesthetic design of the interior space . In addition, the areas adjacent to the object of the complex of landscape design .

As a result of the construction of " turnkey " The customer gets a ready-made object , in full conformity with the agreed pre- conditions.

Stroitelsvo " turnkey " allows the customer on the one hand to get the end result of " one hand" that enhances the quality of construction works and their compliance with the project documentation , and on the other - to minimize the total period of design and construction of the facility and to optimize costs .

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