Главная Company News Construction of "turnkey". Warehouse "Rembyttehnica"

Construction of "turnkey". Warehouse "Rembyttehnica"

17 ноября 2016

Construction of "turnkey". Warehouse "Rembyttehnica"

 In the period from October 2015. August 2016. CJSC "Stroytehnologiya" acted as the general contractor on the project: "Warehouse" Rembyttehnika ", located at the address:. Chelyabinsk, st Production, 8-b,

The total area of ​​construction and installation works 5000 m2.
The main types of work:

- dismantling of the old warehouse;

- dismantling of the concrete foundation slab; - development of soil;

- the device pile field and grills;

- installatoin of metal frame;

- closinf circuit sandwich panels;

- PVC roofing membranes;

- concrete floor unit with hardening;

- a device dock equipment;

- the device engineering networks;

- improvement.

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